Wheel & Rim Repair Process

Low Cost, Quality Wheel & Rim Repair

San Diego Wheel Rim Repair Services

Who says there are no guarantees in life? We believe that your satisfaction with your repair is incredibly important. Our goal is to give you the best customer service combined with the highest quality repair possible.

Replacing a factory wheel can range anywhere from $250 to $1500 per wheel. The high cost makes having your alloy wheels repaired a great option. BUMPERDOC has one of the most respected repair facilities in San Diego. Our aluminum wheel repair specialists can repair most wheels that have been curbed, scrapped up, or cracked, providing excellence in both structural and cosmetic repairs. We utilize our own engineered equipment and guaranteed processes to return damaged, scraped and, in most cases, bent wheels back to their original factory specifications.

Painted & Polished Wheels

Refinishing your wheels not only gives your car a better look, but keeps your investment valuable. If you're trying to sell, turn in a lease or just bring some life back to your car consider a wheel Refinishing/Repair Job.

COST: $150-$175 Per Wheel. (Includes structural run out / test for blends & cosmetic refinish)

Wheel Straightening

Most bent wheels can be straghtened back. Bent wheels may cause car to shake and they may not hold air for too long. Taking care of this matter is important for the vehicles performance and your safety. Using our unique wheel press, we can straighten just about any factory alloy wheel. BUMPERDOC technicians have the skill and experience to do the job right.

COST: $150-$200 Per Wheel. (Includes structural run out & repair)

Combination Repairs

COST: $225-$275 Per Wheel. (Includes Cosmetic & Straightening)

Remount & Balance

A tire is balanced when the mass of the mounted tire is evenly distributed around the car's axle. Out of balance tires can have negative effects on both you and your car. The life of your tires can be decreased, as well as the life of the bearings, shocks and other suspension components when subjected to prolonged vibration.

COST: $30-$50 Per Wheel. (We remount & balance ALL wheels removed for repairs)